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Cheap airline tickets: 8 ways to find them!

20 april 2012


How to find low airfaires - 

We all like to fly as cheap as possible. But finding cheap airline tickets is not always easy. Sometimes, your search for a great value for money ticket can be tiring. There are so many prizes, so many flight companies and so many intermediaries. Airline ticket prizes are inconstant and passengers on the same flight pay completely different airfares. If you take the time to book yours, it is not difficult to find a one that fits your wallet. Here’s how.

Low airfaires

1. Check low-cost airlines. Why?
They are called low-cost airlines for a reason. If they fly to your destination of choice, check them too. Their prizes can change every day, so check their websites regularly. When you book your ticket, check the conditions because cheap tickets are difficult, impossible or expensive to change. And pay attention to extra, hidden fees like a fixed amount for your baggage, eating and drinking on board and checking in extra luggage.

2. The more flexible you are, the cheaper the ticket. Why?
You can choose the most efficient and suitable [...]

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Flight tickets: 2 ways to make sure you don’t pay too much!

25 december 2010


How to buy cheaper airline tickets -

Flight tickets. Essential if you travel extensively throughout the world, and you don’t want to be stuck at sea for months at a time. Travelers all know the best websites to find the cheapest tickets. But even then: how do you make sure you don’t pay too much?

Flying over the Andes

Problem 1: some flight companies keep track of how many times you’ve looked at a certain flight. The more you look, the more they [...]

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